Insight Planning Meets Creative Development

April 22, 2020

Students in the Erwin Center for Brand Communications have been working with Uniroyal tires, a Michelin brand, on a brand communications project challenge this Spring semester. Led by Jackie Herr and Andy Mendelsohn, students in the Brand Strategy and Brand Creation and Communications courses are collaborating in teams to execute strategic insights and campaign concepts to target new consumers for Uniroyal.

As Clemson University navigates online learning, Uniroyal’s brand team has stayed engaged with students virtually, helping them experience real-life pivots necessary to keep a project moving forward in uncertain times, like those brought on by the pandemic.

In these courses, students are exploring techniques for translating research into insights and applying modern strategic frameworks to influence future brand growth. By analyzing what makes a strong brand, students will learn how to deliver meaningful value that appeals to the hearts and minds of consumers.

“This authentic client experience is allowing our students to apply course concepts to a real brand project, while furthering their professional development,” said Herr, whose class has been developing a creative brief and define tactical insight plans for the Uniroyal brand. “The experience has been enhanced for our students by the necessary adjustments brought on by COVID-19. This is real-world experiential learning at its finest.”

Student teams have been strategizing insight-driven actions to execute this project, while communicating and presenting ideas to Uniroyal representatives. “This collaboration challenges me to be insight-driven and allows our class to dig into a new industry to create a meaningful story,” states Erwin Center student, Jane Janick. “Being surrounded by students who have similar goals motivates me and confirms that brand communications is the industry where I belong. I look forward to applying these course skills to deliver for our client.”

While Jackie’s class focuses on insight planning, Andy’s students are creating brand communications strategies and creative messaging to drive new brand experiences for Uniroyal. “I really want to accomplish two things with my class. First, invest the students with a true understanding of what it’s like to work in the branding business so that if they decide to make it their career, they do so with enthusiasm and commitment,” Andy Mendlesohn explains. “Secondly, I want to prepare them in a way so that when they walk in on their first day, they have a foundation of knowledge that gives them a true head start.”

These students have the opportunity to help drive Uniroyal’s iconic brand and mission forward, and this project is just another great example of how the Erwin Center’s talented students are able to gain access to hands-on brand project challenges to accelerate their future careers. This Friday, both classes will wrap up the semester by virtually presenting their final projects to the leadership teams at Uniroyal and Michelin.

Erwin Center students meet with their teams at the project kick-off event.